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About Us

Power House LV

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We are  Powerhouse LV, a one-stop third party logistics for all your logistics needs based in Las Vegas and Nashville , providing excellent freight handling experience to our clients. We have over 50 years of experience in Specialized logistics and Trucking. Thus, we can offer complete services to various specialized markets. Our fleet of equipment is always appropriately equipped. You will enjoy our modern facilities comprising the 44 Docks, 4 Extra Large Docks, and 50k sq ft warehouse. We will work with you to deliver a customized service to fit your needs.


Separating Us From The Rest

Our vast experience in the industry enables us to offer incomparable services by giving our clients exactly what they need. We offer reliable Trade-Show freight delivery and warehouse storage in Las Vegas.


Count on our reliable inventory system and around-the-clock access to keep your products safe. Powerhouse being a public warehousing company offers short and long-term storage and warehouse solutions for a wide variety of purposes.


Get your cargo delivered on time every time with the Powerhouse. Our dedicated fleet ensures that your shipment arrives when you need them to. Count on our experienced drivers to keep your products safe.


Streamline your delivery process with cross-docking services by Powerhouse. We ensure your inventory makes it from one truck to another on time, so your deliveries are never delayed.

Delivery Van

Cross Docking services for
Speedy Delivery

Count on Powerhouse to offer trustworthy and swift cross-docking services if you use several means of delivery for your shipment. We specialize in expedited delivery as well as short and long- term storage. Rely on us to get your goods to their destination as safely as quickly as possible.

Moving Day

Essential Delivery Services

It is not always feasible to merely load one truck with freight and use the exact vehicle to move from one point to another. No need to worry; our cross-docking service experts provide solutions that make the shipping process much easier for you. In case your second mode of delivery is not on-site during the arrival of delivery, Powerhouse LV will store it anywhere from a few hours to several weeks.

Dock Worker Talking On Wakie-talkie

Full Cross-Docking Services

In addition to the short-term storage of your deliveries, we can handle a whole host of other cross-docking and freight transportation tasks. Our trans-loading specialists ensure that your entire inventory makes it from one truck to the other in a quick fashion, using multiple dock doors and double-wide doors. In addition, we rework pallets for maximum efficiency. Our team keeps your reasonable moving around the clock, so you can stay on top of business industry.

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