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Cross Docking

You must have heard about these services before and must have availed these services as well. Cross-docking services in logistics simply refer to the procedure where the products are directly distributed from suppliers or the manufacturing plant to the customer or retail chain from marginal to no storage and handling time. Our cross-docking services will allow you to avoid storage fees by transferring freight in a sequence from reception to outgoing shipment. Freight is transported swiftly from a temporary holding place until it is redistributed within an area, generally in 72 hours or less. PowerHouse LV and TN will provide you with more effective pool distribution within a given region while saving money on transportation. But the question that might strike your mind can be why choose us for the cross-docking services? Let’s see why we are different from other service providers:

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Benefits of availing Cross Docking Services

We provide cross-docking services that transfer goods from an inbound carrier to an outbound carrier with minimal to no warehousing and material handling. Cross-dock facilities sort and ship these goods immediately after arriving. Reduced shipping times and storage costs also result in improved customer satisfaction. The other benefits may include:

Fluctuations in demand

Some products lose value over time if they are stored for longer than necessary as the demand for them changes. Using cross-docking services, you can source and ship such items on-demand and avoid storing them for long periods of time.

Incoming Loads from multiple suppliers

Shipping Time-Sensitive items

You can receive, sort, combine, and shiploads that come from multiple suppliers in a timely and efficient manner by utilizing a cross-docking facility.

If goods are stored for an extended period of time, their quality might deteriorate, so it's best to ship them as soon as possible. Using cross-docking services lets you ship your products promptly and avoid storing them for long periods.

Our team will carefully arrange your orders to optimize cross-docking services and deliver your items as efficiently as possible. Contact us immediately to take advantage of cross-docking and pool distribution for your deliveries. We can provide you with a list of warehouse rates in your region tailored to your items, volume, and shipment time. Contact now! 

PowerHouse LV and TN  offers cross-docking and pool distribution services in Las Vegas and any other location of your choice. Before being sent, inbound orders are pooled in the redistribution area and then delivered outward without the need for costly storage or reloading. This helps your items reach important regions faster and more efficiently than if they were shipped one at a time. The best part about our services is that we are available all day and every day to assist you. Our cross-docking warehouse services will not lead you to spend a huge operation cost. To better understand our services, let’s see how our services can be beneficial for your business:

Why choose us for Cross Docking Services?

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