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The Benefits of Choosing Third Party Logistics in Las Vegas?

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Logistics- Connects you to your customers

Growing companies increasingly outsource parts of their supply chains to logistics providers. Over 90% of Fortune 500 companies use third-party logistics providers in some capacity. Gartner found that 85% of logistics leaders expect their outsourcing budgets to increase, leading to an increase in 3PL usage. Why are enterprises outsourcing their logistics function through third-party logistics in Las Vegas? This question has many answers. The major benefit of outsourcing logistics solutions is to get professional yet hassle-free services. But the major thing you need to consider is to choose the right logistics partner. But what is the benefit to choose the right logistics partner? In this blog, you will get the answers to all your questions. So let’s start:

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Major Benefits of Choosing Third Party Logistics

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However, there are endless reasons for choosing the right logistics partner. Here are some of the major benefits of choosing third-party logistics in Las Vegas.

  • Improved Service

Shipping to retailers with strict appointment times and due dates can be a challenge for many CPG shippers. Choosing a good logistics provider will help you improve your service. In addition to improving customer service, you can avoid chargebacks and schedule disruptions.

  • Organizational Alignment

In order to align various parts of your business operations, a logistics partner can help you develop and implement processes. In many cases, poor delivery performance comes from a misalignment. This happens between the production, transportation, and warehousing functions. With the help of a value-added logistics provider, your organization can develop best practices. This will improve performance and lower supply chain costs.

  • Industry Expertise

Ideally, your logistics provider should have extensive transportation expertise and connections within the industry. This can help your organization stay on top of freight trends and upcoming regulations. Additionally, with knowledge, a true logistics partner should be able to help your organization receive the best freight outcomes.

  • Specialized Knowledge

A growing number of third-party logistics providers is contributing to the specialization of the market. It isn't enough for a logistics provider to arrange transportation for your organization. Organizations that work with specialists who understand their industry and customers emerge as the winners.

  • Cost Saving

Logistics providers assist your organization with cost reduction, volume discounts, and account-specific pricing. They can help your organization develop effective consolidation programs, and improve efficiency. All of this can result in significant cost savings.

  • Scalability

The assistance of a logistics provider can help you manage high and low seasons more efficiently. Furthermore, a good partner will help you quickly expand or respond to increases in demand. As a third-party logistics provider in Las Vegas, you have access to service providers nationwide, which can more quickly respond to flux and offer you resources without any added risk.

  • Network Strength

A logistics provider can circumvent the need to vet carriers properly to ensure they can meet your organization's needs. There is a third-party provider that can meet all of your order requirements with an expansive network and carrier. Therefore, through their existing networks, logistics partners can help you secure more capacity. It enables you to deliver to your most valuable customers on time.

  • Access to the Transportation system and another tech

One of the significant costs of running an in-house logistics operation is the technological investment necessary. With the help of a third-party provider, your organization can benefit from a suite of applications, saving you money upfront. Customers should be able to track their freight and monitor their operations.

  • Labor Cost Saving and Time Restoration

Transport operations require considerable time management on a daily basis. It takes hours to ensure drivers arrive at their destination from booking orders to making sure they arrive on time. By using a third-party provider, your organization can relieve employees of these responsibilities. Thus, they can concentrate on other things.

We will take the following things off your plate:

  • Scheduling pick-up and delivery appointments

  • Modes of transportation

  • Selection of a carrier

  • Communication between the driver and the facility

  • Building Logistics Relationships

  • Tracking of freight and orders

  • Managing issues

  • The Billing Process and Paperwork

  • Data Analysis and Performance Reporting

  • Scaling up growth

  • Performance Exception Management

Deliveries do not always go according to plan. There can be delays in schedules, breakdowns in trucks, and rejections of orders. You need to be able to respond and fix these problems. It might be necessary for shippers to arrange temporary warehousing or find carriers willing to recover the load. This can be a lengthy process that requires multiple steps to solve. You may want to consider working with a transportation provider that focuses on customer satisfaction.

Wrapping Up

Therefore, this is how choosing third-party logistics in Las Vegas is beneficial for you. So are you looking for the best logistics service providers in Las Vegas? Choosing PowerHouse LV is the right option for you. We are a service-oriented transportation and warehousing company in Las Vegas. We work with consumer product brands to optimize performance and save them time and money. Having a large transportation department is unnecessary when working with us. As a result of a partnership, your company will save money and have more time for other essential tasks. Get in touch!

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