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Why choose Professional Cross Docking Services Provider?

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

“Cross-Docking- faster shipping and lower warehousing costs”

A cross-docking service can allow you to ship goods quicker and reduce warehousing costs. As a result, cross-docking involves delivering products directly to the destination without storing them for an extended period. Moreover, this service reduces the risk of product damage and inventory loss since the goods are handled minimally. Nevertheless, you should take into account both the pros and cons of cross-docking before deciding whether or not it will benefit your business. It examines cross-docking objectively from both the pro and con viewpoints. But the question arises what exactly cross-docking services are? In this blog, you will get to know about the cross-docking services and how these services are beneficial for your business? So if it is something that catches your interest then keep reading this blog till the end. Let’s start:

What are Cross Docking Services?

Cross-docking occurs when goods are moved from an inbound carrier to an outbound carrier with little to no warehousing and material handling. Cross-dock facilities quickly sort these goods and send them directly to their destination once they arrive. The result is a reduction in storage costs and shipping times, as well as an improvement in customer satisfaction. There are many reasons for using cross-docking services, including the following:

  • Fluctuations in Demand- Keeping some products longer than necessary can potentially reduce their value because the demand for them changes over time. You can source and ship such items per demand through cross-docking services and keep them out of storage for a longer period of time.

  • Shipping Time-Sensitive Items- Goods need to be shipped quickly as their quality may deteriorate if they are stored for a long time. Using cross-docking services lets you avoid storing goods for a long time and ship them quickly.

  • Incoming Loads from Multiple Suppliers- You are able to receive, sort, combine, and shiploads coming from multiple suppliers using a cross-dock facility in an efficient and timely manner.

  • Shipping Overweight Cargo- Cross-docking services can help you stay compliant with guidelines if your vehicles are overweight by helping you unload and shift your goods efficiently.

Therefore this is what cross-docking services are. Now the question arises where to get these services from. However, you can easily avail these services from anywhere but a professional cross-docking service provider can help you in a better way. Let’s see how:

Why choose a professional cross-docking service provider?

High product turnover rate

Cross-docking services can boost your product turnover rates since your goods will move quickly and with little to no storage time through a cross-dock terminal. In turn, you can reduce your inventory shelf-life, which can increase your business's profitability.

Reduced storage and labor cost

Cross-docking reduces storage expenses because products do not need to be stored for long periods. Cost savings can then be realized by your business because of this reduction in expenses. Furthermore, since goods do not have to be picked up and put away, this service results in fewer labor-related costs.

Minimum product-related risk

Various risks associated with handling goods are minimized when goods are handled in cross-dock warehouses. Due to the reduced amount of shuffled products, material handling is reduced significantly. Therefore, product damage, inventory losses, and human error are prevented.

Increase in Customer satisfaction

Through cross-docking, goods can be shipped to customers efficiently and expeditiously since there is no need to store them. The delivery lead times are shortened and the products are delivered on time, which benefits your customer service.

Therefore, this is how professional cross-docking services can be beneficial for you. Are you looking for the best service providers in Las Vegas? We at PowerHouse LV have got you covered. We being the leading public warehousing company offer cross-docking and pool distribution services in Las Vegas and anywhere else you choose. Within the redistribution area, incoming orders are pooled and then distributed without the need for costly storage or reloading. Using this method, your items reach their destinations faster and more efficiently than if they were shipped one at a time. We are available day and night to assist you with our services, which is the best part of our company. The cross-docking services we provide will not result in high operating costs for you. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch!

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