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Reasons to Use Cross Docking Services

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

By keeping products in motion, cross-docking is an efficient process that saves both time and money. Cross-docking is a standard service offered by some companies while other companies only use cross-docking when necessary. There are a variety of circumstances in which cross-docking can boost a company's supply chain. Also, there are a number of reasons to use cross-docking services. So are you interested in knowing these reasons? You have come to the right place. In this blog, you will get to know everything about cross-docking services and their uses. So take out some time to read this blog from the start to the end. So let’s start:

What are Cross-Docking Services?

Cross-docking involves moving goods from an inbound to an outbound carrier without an excessive amount of warehousing and handling. Upon arriving at a cross-dock facility, the goods are quickly sorted and shipped directly to the destination. In addition to improving customer satisfaction, this reduces storage costs and shipping times. Additionally, there are several reasons to use cross-docking services. One of the major reasons is that it helps you to keep your products safeguarded till they reach the end-user. Now, let’s explore the other reason to use these services.

When to Use Cross Docking Services?

The process of cross-docking allows companies to move products from one truck (or railcar) to another. Cross-docking takes place in a warehouse, but the products will only be stored for a short time - or storage may not take place at all.

Several logistics issues can be addressed through cross-docking. Here are a few common ones:

Your delivery will be early or late.

Let's say you are shipping products to a major retailer, but your driver is going to be at least a day early. Simply having the driver wait can decrease his or her productivity. In a cross-docking scenario, the product can be delivered to a provider that stores it temporarily and delivers it at the appointed time, allowing the driver to return to his or her duties. When a driver is late, the provider can store, reschedule/coordinate with the retailer, and deliver your package.

Your goods are arriving in a container.

Including QVC products, professionals provide drayage services. It works this way: our company receives your container at the port, takes it to one of our warehouses for unloading, returns the empty container to the port quickly, and then temporarily stores and prepares your product for on-time delivery to QVC.

You have mixed freight on a trailer.

There is a possibility that a trailer may be loaded in a way that puts the first pallets that need to be removed behind other pallets. So the driver can unload the pallets that aren't needed at the facility, deliver the pallets that must be delivered, and then return to the facility to collect the rest.

Your truck is overweight.

In cases where your vehicle is overweight or oversized, cross-dock services providers can shift your load or unload items to keep you in compliance.

Several vendors are sending you loads.

You can combine shipments coming from different vendors into one delivery by having them shipped to a cross-docking facility that can combine shipments from different vendors.

You are using intermodal transport.

Cross-dock facilities often have rail sidings that allow boxcars to unload directly into buildings for storage and loading on trucks. PowerHouse LV, for example, has a storage yard capable of receiving center-beam railcars in addition to a rail siding.

You are shipping temperature-sensitive items.

Providers of cross-docking services offer temperature-controlled warehousing space (including docks that are temperature-controlled) and reefer trailers to keep temperature-sensitive products within specs at every step of the way.

Therefore, this is why you should use cross-docking services for your logistics business. Now, the question arises, where to get these services from? PowerHouse LV cross-docking facilities are located in Southern California - mainly Los Angeles County, Long Beach, Salt Lake City Utah, St. George Utah, Las Vegas, NV. We are a public warehousing company providing cross-docking services within multiple industries and are an approved 3PL partner. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch!

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