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It is very easy for us to access and use our assets. Providing transportation services ranging from the 28-foot trailer to the dry van at affordable rates, we meet the needs of our clients. The type of equipment and capacity we offer to our clients depends on how much shipping they desire to transport. But you might be wondering what is the role of dry van shipping for your business? Let’s see:

Role of dry van shipping

In a dry van, shipments are completely enclosed to protect them from the outside elements. Dry vans are designed to move palletized or boxed freight, not oversized shipments, and aren't temperature-controlled (like refrigerated trucks). Now as if you are clear about the role of a dry van, you must be thinking about how our services can benefit your business? Let’s see:


These days, a warehouse or distribution center is used for a lot more than holding products. Picking, packing, shipping, and inventory management are among the services offered by a warehouse. We at PowerHouse manage your products with the utmost care and safety thanks to our inventory and logistics management processes.


Among the most widely used trailers in transport, trucks are the dry van trailer because of their adaptability. These containers are ideal for shipping packed goods and other shipments that don't need to be kept at a specific temperature. We offer Dry van trailers for a variety of uses, including clothing, apparel, household furnishings, electronics, and non-perishable goods. As a result, we are better able to transport goods of any type.

Cost reduction snd timely delivery

The bulk of your truckload shipments can be picked up and delivered on time and in a dependable manner with dry van shipping. Fast turnarounds are possible with these trucks due to their great availability. As a company, we know that not all shipments require the full size of a dry van, and our Less Than Truckload freight shipment consulting can assist you in combining your shipments, thus saving you money.

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